Concept Design Services - Vera Navis

Concept Design

In order to fulfill the shipowner’s operational requirement, the concept design analyze several feasible options and layouts.
These are discussed in cooperation with the shipowner to shape the proposals into a customized first iteration for the upcoming phases.

  • Rendered 3D views
  • Preliminary Arrangement
  • Lines plan
  • Speed and power prediction
  • Estimation of weighing, CG and buoyancy
  • Electrical load prediction
Basic Design Services - Vera Navis

Basic Design

All documentation and plans are produced in accordance with technical demands by classification societies, regulatory authorities and shipowners.

  • Main procurement decisions and production/procurement planning
  • Structural arrangements
  • Systems P&ID
  • Machinery arrangements
  • Main systems arrangements
  • HVAC plans
  • Deck outfitting plans
  • Internal design
  • Electrical schemes
  • Statutory documents and drawings
Structural Detail Design Services - Vera Navis

Structural Detail Design

To be held in close cooperation with the designated shipyard, structural detail design provides customized production data resembling the yard’s production technology and standardization.

  • Hull surface plate division, expansion and marking
  • Plate bending information and templates
  • Structural 3D modelling for production and design review
  • Plate and profile nesting
  • CNC code (ESSI, ISSO, G-code) bevel and marking
  • Extruded profiles bending information
  • 3D assembly drawings
  • 2D unit drawings (workshop drawings) Part lists, reports for parts, stocks, profiles, weight and CG
Systems Detail Design Services - Vera Navis

Systems Detail Design

Systems detail design encompasses implementing an approval system diagram (P&ID) into a 3D model for producing all the required documentation for prefabrication, assembling and testing.

  • Pipe routing, supports and equipment modelling
  • HVAC routing, supports and equipment modelling
  • Cable trays and cable supports modelling
  • 3D models for integration with third-parties deliveries
  • Arrangement drawings and structure integration
  • Structure penetration drawings
  • Isometrics for prefabrication and assembling
  • Part list by isometric, line, system, zone
  • Prefabrication, welding and assembling specifications
  • Pipeline test list
  • Tank penetration list
  • System weigh and CG
Specialized Engineering Services - Vera Navis

Specialized Engineering

Numerical Quantitative, Qualitative and Optimization Analysis will provide better trade-off decisions regarding specific problems or cross-disciplinary critical issues. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) with specific tasks from Finite Element Method (FEM) to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) will allow the team to reach or exceed the Initial Project Goals.

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